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village of Gara Elin Pelin

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Gara Elin Pelin is a village municipality of Elin Pelin, Sofia region.

It is 4 km south of the town of Elin Pelin, 28 km east of the capital Sofia, 50 km southwest of the town of Botevgrad, 16 km southwest of Gorna Malina, 32 km southwest of Ihtiman.

The population is about 3 890 people.

The relief is flat, with an average altitude of 550 meters. Southwest of Gara Elin Pelin are ridges of Lozen mountain and Vitosha mountain. To the east are hills and Vakarelska Sredna gora mountain and the north of Stara Planina mountain. In clear weather from here you can see Mount Murgash.
In the municipality is located Ognianovo dam and dam Taratorskoto above Gabra. Not far from the village there are three geothermal springs. Spring in Ravno pole is with mineral composition and flow, allowing the development of the village as a spa center.

Gara Elin Pelin is electrified village with good infrastructure.
Regular bus service connects it with the settlements in the area. Stop is the railway Sofia - Svilengrad line. About 3 km south of the village passes Trakia highway, which is associated with Hemus and Sofia-Burgas highway with the shortest route between North and South Bulgaria, passing Gara Elin Pelin.
There are two general practitioners, one dentist, two pharmacies, shops and restaurants.
Technical work in ceramics and glass community center, elementary school, unified child care.

Natural and climatic conditions and traditions are extremely favorable conditions for agricultural development. Livestock breeding is developed in personal holdings, as is generally practiced raising dairy cows, sheep, goats and pigs.


Natural resources are excellent for tourism. Developed international hunting tourism in Aramliets and Vitinya areas.
There are opportunities for rural tourism development and construction of facilities for recreation.
Ognianovo dam offers excellent conditions for water and motor sports.
In the village of Ravno pole is built St. Sofia Golf& Spa Club..

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