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Ezeretz villageg

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Ezeretz is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Shabla municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 7 km to the town of Shabla, 10 km to Durankulak, 59 km to Albena resort, 72 km to Golden Sands resort, 77 km to the town of Dobrich and 88 km to the city of Varna and its international airport.

general information

The area is flat, cut by several ravines, which lead to the Durankulak and Shabla lakes. The steppe foliage is typical for the area and in particular grasses of various height /depending on the soil/. Vast flat field are spreading all the way to the horizon. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea. It is characterized by a cool spring, hot and sunny summer, warm autumn and cold winter. The population numbers to approximately 150 people as there is a trend towards increase - many young people from the larger towns are buying houses and plots in the village. Until 1942 the name of the settlement used to be Satilmish. Altitude - 40 m.


Ezeretz is a resort settlement and as such offers various types of accommodation to its visitors along with beautiful nature, excellent conditions for relaxation, hiking and an opportunity to escape from the havoc of the modern lifestyle. In the settlement there is a mayoralty, a shop, a traditional style restaurant with live music. Due to its proximity to the town of Shabla, the inhabitants of Ezeretz may take advantage on all conveniences offered there - specialized medical services, schools, kindergartens, government institutions etc. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. Coverage of all Bulgarian mobile operators and cable TV are available. The roads are in a good condition as a project is developed for the improvement of the road infrastructure in the area. Regular bus transportation connects Ezeretz to the town of Shabla and the nearby villages.
due to its proximity to the sea-coast and the unique Ezeretz's Lake the locals are traditionally being occupied in fishing. The favourable climate creates excellent conditions for the development of farming - barley, wheat, sunflower and rape-seed are being grown in the area. The local people are also famous for the high-quality vegetables and fruits they produce.


Even though Ezeretz is a small village it amazes with the great variety of relaxation options it offers. The greatest pride of the village - its wild beach - lies some 2 km to the village. This is where one may enjoy the preserved wild nature and the wide sandy area. In the village there are two small hotels and a guest house. The area offers good conditions for practising fishing, hunting, eco and rural tourism. The main advantage of the village is the cosy atmosphere and the beautiful and ecologically clean nature that surrounds it.


  • Less than a kilometer away from the village lies the Ezeretz Lake, famous for its unique flora and fauna. The Via Pontica birds' migration route is passing through it. it is the best known area in Bulgaria for wild duck's hunting. It is also suitable for hunting of quails, turtle-doves, wild ducks, snipes etc. The rare combination of sea, lake and forest attracts fishing fans, hunters and people who appreciate the nature, the peacefulness and tranquillity. The water in the lake is non-polluted and offers good catch including of pike. 
  • Another site of interest is the well-preserved pill-box in the eastern side of the village (with an area of 15 sq. m, 4 four machine gun loop-holes and a meter-thick concrete walls), which being covered with soil looks like a common hillock.



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