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village of Emen

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Veliko Tarnovo Region - Emen

Emen is a village in Northern Bulgaria, it is part of Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region

The settlement lies in the picturesque foothills of the Fore Balkans, some 8 km. from the highway Sofia-Veliko Tarnovo, in closeness to Emen Canyon of Negovanka river.

It is located 20 km southeast of Byala cherkva, 25 km northwest of Veliko Tarnovo and 35 km northeast of Sevlievo.

The population is about 95 people.

The terrain is mixed between hills and plains, with an altitude of 301 meters. Climate is temperate-continental, winters are cold with average temperatures around -1 º C,summer is sunny and cool, with average temperatures around 23 º C.

The infrastructure of the village include paved streets and streets lighting, electrification, water supply system, mobile phone coverage, telephone and cable TV. 

European route E772 goes 8 km southeast of Emen.

There are several bus line per week that are driving to Pavlikeni and Veliko Tarnovo.

The village has a town hall, post office and church. It also has a retail shops and restaurants. The closest school and kindergarten are in the town of Byala cherkva.

GP visits and serves the village population. The nearest hospital is in Veliko Tarnovo.

Sightseeings and landmarks

The village is known for its stunning scenery an nature, for which every year there are thousands of tourists flocking the country and abroad. 

Emen Canyon of Negovanka river begins after the last houses of the village. It has a length of 950 meters, and the most attractive part is Michalski land. The beginning of the canyon reveals an entrance to a cave which has a length of 3,113 m. In November 1980 the site was declared a natural monument and protected area. From the places provided for a picnic, a magnificent view of the valley is reviewed. At the end of the canyon is Momin Skok waterfall with a height of 10 m. Below it is formed a beautiful pool, which is often used for swimming.

The village has a hotel complex ''Imenieto" with restaurants. It offers excellent accommodation for visitors to Emen.

Only 25 kilometers is Veliko Tarnovo, a city with long history and capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The city has many monuments and architectural attractions, it is visited by tourists from all around the world. At the same time is a modern art center with exceptional communication skills.



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