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village of Elhovo

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Elhovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality Nikolaevo,  Stara Zagora Region.

In Bulgaria there is a town located in Yambol region, also named Elhovo.

Village of Elhovo is 30 km northeast of the regional center of Stara Zagora, 7 km southwest of the town Nikolaevo, 28 km southeast of the town of Kazanlak, 32 km northwest of the town of Nova Zagora. It is about 230 km east of Sofia.

The village is situated at the east end of Rose Valley on the northern slopes of Surnena Sredna Gora Mountain.  through it passes through Old River / Stara Reka/  to the steep and almost vertical banks. North of the village is  the Tundzha river. To the south in the forest is the second largest peak in Sredna gora - Muruley  893 meters high.

The altitude is about 360 m.

The climate is characterized by relatively mild winters with snow, which do not last long. Summer is cool, the average temperature in July is 23 ° C.

Environment in the municipality is relatively well preserved, the area is known for clean air, water and soils.

The village has a functioning cultural center, housed in it Library, which has scientific and technical literature. In the center has a church, several grocery stores, shop for household goods, confectionery, bakery bread and pub. the nearest health center, school and kindergarten are located in the neighboring village Edrevo, located just 6 km from Elhovo.

In Elhovo has a modern automatic telephone exchange. The village has a good water system. Almost all the streets here are paved.

Tourism and Sightseeing

Monument to brothers Jekovi - participants in the Stara Zagora Uprising, located in the southern part of the village.

The village is extremely attractive for lovers of hunting and fishing sports because of its favorable location - close to the forest, only 6 km from the river Tundzhaa, about 25 km from the third largest dam in Bulgaria - Jrebchevo dam.

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