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village of Dzhurovo

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Dzhurovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Pravets municipality, Sofia region.

It is 21 km northeast of the town of Pravets, 9 km south of the town of Yablanitsa and 28 km northeast of the town of Botevgrad. The capital Sofia is 82 km southwest.

It is located in mountain region with picturesque nature in proximity to the river of Malak iskar and its altitude is about 498 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by cold winter, warm but not cold summer and the precipitation falls mostly in the months March and June.

The permanent population is about 1031 people.

The regular bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. The infrastructure is very good - the central streets are asphalted and with lighting, there are constructed water and electricity systems and phone systems. All mobile operators are coverage and Internet connection.

Dzhurovo is very well maintained village - here are functioning primary school, community center with library, kindergarten, guest house, stores and restaurants. For the health of the people takes care one GP. In Botevgrad there is medical center and in the capital you will find specialized hospitals.

The mild mountain climate combined with the different relief, the clean and preserved nature make have turned Dzhurovo into into attractive place for the development of the eco and village tourism.

In Kamilcheto area near the village in addition to the rich flora and fauna species can enjoy the opportunity of fishing barbel, dace and nase. The area is also suitable for camping and the river of Malak izvor has formed some pools.

Saeva dupka cave that is in the list of the 100 Tourist sites and is 15 km northeast. This exquisite natural phenomenon is among the beautiful and musician and here you can see the unique for Bulgaria rock formations helictites.

The dams with fresh and clean waters Skarnava and Osikovitsa /5 km southwest near the village of Osikovitsa/ attract the attention of the people that enjoy fishing for the conditions here are wonderful.

Near the village of Osikovitsa also you visit the church "St Archangel Michael" as well as the monastery "St Bogoroditsa". Another interesting landmark in proximity is Chekotinski monastery (21 km west) suitable for walk in the weekend.

For the people that enjoy golfing there are excellent conditions - the golf course in Pravets and the complex Pravets Resort Golf and SPA (15 km) reaches even the highest standards.


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