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village of Dragushinovo

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Dragushinovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is located in Samokov municipality, Sofia region.

It is 5 km north of the center of the town of Samokov, 14 km south of the resort Borovets and 58 km southeast of the capital Sofia.

It is located in the Samokov hollow on the shore of Iskar river, and its altitude is about 912 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by cool summer and long winter. The air is very fresh and the nature is well preserved.

The permanent population is about 635 people.

Dragushinovo is very well maintained village. There are constructed water and electricity systems, the sewerage is partially developed. All mobile operators have coverage and also there is Internet access and SAT TV. 

Here are working stores for all goods, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and community center with library. The nearest school and kindergarten are in the municipality where you can also get medical assistance. The specialized hospitals are on the territory of Sofia.

According to one of the legends the name of the village is derived from that of an old sartor. His name was Drago and the people have seen it said "Drago, shii ni novo!" (Drago, make us new clothes!).

Tourism and landmarks

For the tourists that visited Samokov most interesting landmarks are the History museum, the Nunnery, the church "Uspenie Bogorodichno", the church "St Nikola", the temple "Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno" etc.
Also interesting is the Big water fountain - the symbol of Samokov that was constructed on the main square in 1662 and still there is saying that whoever drinks from this water will stay there forever.

Borovets is the main resort tourist center in municipality Samokov with international significance that offers opportunities for the practicing of all kinds of winter sports that are with high quality accommodation and service, modern equipment and ski construction. In the resort there are many hotels, villa settlement and guest houses.

Heaven for the people who love fishing is Iskar dam (13 km north) -  the largest dam in Bulgaria. Here can be fished different kinds of fishes roach, perch, bream, perch, bream, chub (maple), catfish, bleak, rudd and carp. There are excellent conditions for water sports.

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