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village of Dolni Okol

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Dolni Okol is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Samokov municipality, Sofia District

It is about 35 km southeast of Sofia, 20 km north of Samokov, 30 km south of Elin Pelin and about 40 km north of the ski resort Borovets. 

The village is located in Mountain Plan and is located only 3 kilometers from the shore of the Iskar Dam. 
The altitude is about 800m and the climate - mountainous. 

The village is fully electrified and with water supply. All mobile operators have coverage. All streets in the village are paved, there is regular bus transport to nearby villages and towns and to Sofia. The village has a town hall, library, grocery stores and pubs. The closest medical service is located in the neighboring village of Shiroki dol - only about 12 km away and the nearest school - in the town of Samokov. 

For many years the village has hunting groups. 

Furthermore, residents in the village properties have many citizens and aliens who inhabit the village during the summer, weekends and holidays. 

Tourism and Sightseeing 

The area is very suitable for recreation and tourism all year round, offering skiing, hiking, fishing and water sports, hunting and even climbing. 

Villa Zone Shtarkelovo gnezdo - tranquil and picturesque place for a vacation located on the west bank of the Iskar dam, at the foot of the Plana mountain. Access is year-round by an asphalt road. 

Plana mountain - It is possible to fly along different routes. Plan is a favorite spot for mountain bikers as the mountain offers many beautiful places, paths and fountains. Here there are many hotels and restaurants in walking trails and a chalet - Peyova beech. Until it can be reached from the wall of the Iskar Dam. 

You arrive at the mineral springs near the village Zheleznitsa, or visit Kokalyansko monastery. 

Iskar dam - the largest dam in Bulgaria on its water volume. It can capture a variety of species: babushka, whitefish, bream, perch, bream, chub (maple), catfish, bleak, rudd and carp. Conditions and are excellent for water sports. 
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