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Dolni lom village

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Dolni Lom village is located in northwestern Bulgaria, in the municipality of Chuprene, Vidin region.

It is situated in a mountainous area in the picturesque valley of Lom river. Its average altitude is 350 m.

It is about 25 km southeast of the town of Belogradchik, 80 kilometers southwest of the town of Vidin and 140 kilometers northwest of Sofia city.

The permanent population of the village numbers 203 people.

The Elementary school and the kindergarten of the village were closed in 1994. Children can be educated in the nearest village Gorni Lom and Chuprene village.

There are two dentists in the village and no GPs. The nearest medical care is in the village of Dolni Lom (5 km southwest) and Chuprene village.

There is a community centre in the post building. It has a museum collection.

Tourism and landmarks:

The village is near Chuprene biosphere reserve. The reserve was created in 1973 to preserve the northern coniferous forests of Bulgaria. In 1977 it was included in the list of biosphere reserves under the program "Man and Biosphere".

There is a stone fountain, built with public funds in 1934, and a stone cross with inscriptions and ornaments in the centre of the village.

There is a bridge in the upper (southern) end of the village. It was built in 1908.

In the courtyard of the school is located the church "Sveta Troitsa". It is made of stone and the walls have a thickness of 1 meter.

There is a memorial to the fallen in the wars of 1913-1918.

There are 5 caves near the village.

In southeast direction is located the indispensable water cave called Vodni pech.

"Desni suhi pech" cave is located about 2 km away from the village. Traces of a cave bear are found in it. There was held an experiment- to stay without contact the outside world. The stay lasted 62 days.

"Levi suhi pech" cave is located on the same hill, a few meters below right. It is also a landmark. It has been used by prehistoric man. There are found ceramics from the Roman era. In 1985 there was built and equipped geophysical observatory.

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