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village of Dobarchin

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Dobarchin is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region

It is 8 km northwest of the town of Svoge, 17 km east of the town of Godech and 35 km north of Sofia.

Dobarchin is situated on altitude 723 m. The territory of the municipality falls within the temperate continental climatic zone. The weather is characterized by cold winter, cool summer and early spring. Along the valley of the river Iskretska which is located in proximity there is specific micro climate which is very suitable for SPA treatment of lung diseases. 

The permanent population is about 58 people. 

In Dobarchin there are no schools or kindergartens as the nearest are located in the municipality Svoge. There is situated also the nearest medical center.

For its unique microclimate at the foot of the village is built specialized hospital for treatment of pneumo diseases for long-term treatment and rehabilitation "Tzar Ferdinand I", Iskrets village. The hospital is a kind of a boundary between the village of Iskrets and Dobarchin. It was established in 1908 as antimycobacterial sanatorium by decree and donation of King Ferdinand I. The location of the sanatorium was chosen from special commission appointed by Tsar Ferdinand which traveled across the country and made measurements of the climatic parameters. 

Many tourists visit the Dobarchin cottage. The nature in the area of the village is beautiful. Lately there are many tourists from Sofia and the surrounding villages. 

In proximity to the village is situated Iskrets monastery "Uspenie Bogorodichno" founded in XIII century. It is a complex of church and residential buildings. South of the church is located  christening tribunal (built-in 1856) with decorated walls which is unique among the Bulgarian monasteries. The monastery is declared cultural monument. 

In proximity to the village there are many caves which attract the caving lovers. The most famous among them are Dushnika (876 m), Mechata dupka (142 m), Izviraloto (240 m) etc. Dushnika cave is one of the most interesting in Ponor mountain because after the ending siphon could enter the large water system of the mountain which begins from the holes in the north part.
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