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Village of Dichin

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Dichin is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in Veliko Turnovo municipality, District Veliko Turnovo.

It is located 25 km northwest of Veliko Tarnovo, 18 km east of Pavlikeni, 66 km south of Svishtov, 235 km west of Varna, 223 km east of the capital - Sofia. Located 3 km north of the railway line Sofia - Gorna Oryahovitsa, where is the railway station Rusalya - Dichin.

The altitude of the village varies from 81 m to 318 m. The climate is temperate. Summer is warm with no major heat and winter cold, and sharp frosts of rarity. South of the village runs the River Rosica. It is a natural border between the middle Danube Plain and Fore.

The population numbers about 280 people. The village has electricity and water supply. The access to it is accomplished by road. There are regular bus and rail transportation to Veliko Tarnovo.

Dichin has a town hall, post office, community center with library, consulting a general practitioner, veterinary office, a church, two grocery store, bar, club of pensioners and disabled people, working mill, agricultural cooperative dairy farm. The nearest hospital is located in Pavlikeni. The nearest kindergarten and elementary school located in Stambolovo - 15 km west of the village.

Landmarks and tourism:

Rositsa river and woodland around the village offer opportunities for recreation, hunting and fishing.
There is a monument to honor fallen soldiers in five men from the village.

5 km west, in the village of Lesicheri, you can visit the church "St. Archangel Michael, "which was built by students Kolyo Ficheto in 1873

15 km south is the beautiful waterfall with eco path in the village Hotnitsa.

In Veliko Tarnovo you can visit the Monastery of the Transfiguration, the church "St. Forty Martyrs "spectacle" Sound and Light "- weaved in itself sound, church bells, light and verbal effects of historical narrative about the rise and fall of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, located at the main entrance of" Tsarevets "hill",Tsarevets "(a hundred travel sites) - in the center of town - a hill pethilyadoletna history - mainly fort aristocratic neighborhood of the former Second Bulgarian kingdom Baldwin Tower. The two international folk festival held in May and July each year, collected in Veliko Tarnovo musicians, singers and dancers from around the world.


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