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Village of Devetaki

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Village Devetaki (Lovech District) is located in North Central region of Bulgaria is part of Lovech Municipality.
It is 21 km northeast of Lovech and 3 km from the river Osam, on three hills.

Natural conditions


Relief - the town is located in Devetaki plateau in the Pre Balkans. The main rock is of limestone, one can see almost all types of surface and underground karst objects - hollows, karst blashes, caves. In the area are located one of the largest caves and cave complexes in Bulgaria.
The climate characterizes with hot summer and cool winter.
Waters - In proximity flows Osam river. There are many underground rivers and waterfalls.
Devetashko plateau territory is included as part of the National Ecological Network Natura 2000. Rock complexes in the region are the habitat of many bird species, some of them are rare and endangered.


The estimated number is 180.

Health care

The village has a doctor's office with manipulation, the former rural health service.

Education and culture

There is a community center in the area. Closest schools are about 11 km away in the village of Alexandrovo.


Proximity to the district town of Lovech and other major cities in the region is a prerequisite to develop the area. The road network is well developed.


The name of the village Devetaki which gave the name of the entire plateau was not changed from its foundation. It is believed that it comes from the fact that the area had nine settlements in Roman times, which were united into one.
In the land of the village there are remains, indicating its occupation by the Thracians and Romans.


This is a very beautiful area that offers unique opportunities to practice different types of alternative tourism.
Surely among the best - known attractions in the region is Devetashka cave. This is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria. Its total length is 2 442 meters, its total area is 20 400 square meters, height -  60 meters. In it are found some of the most interesting remains from Neolithic times in Bulgarian lands.
It is an amazing attraction for tourists and for speleologists - with a huge entrance and spacious galleries. It leads to a narrow path along river. The cave is a natural landmark, protected by authorities, with international significance.
Access to the cave from 1 June to 31 July has been banned since then is the breeding season of bats. They inhabit  the semi - light and the beginning of the dark part of the cave. In the entering parts are settled rock swallows. The two species - bats and swallows are sharing space in the cave, and the sounds that issue, interweave when entering the cave,  combine with the huge echoing halls are something unique.


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