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Village of Deleyna

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Deleyna is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Bregovo, Vidin region.

Deleyna village is located 13 km south of the town of Bregovo, 24 km northwest of the town of Vidin, 219 km northwest from Sofia city and about 2 km from the border with Serbia.

It is situated in a hilly area, with an altitude of 218 meters. The climate is temperate-continental, with relatively cold winters and hot summers.

Its population nimbers about 354 people.

There are church built in 1869., elementary school with kindergarten to it (closed), library, founded in 1927 (which is capable of projecting movies), restaurant, town hall and nursing office in the village of Deleyna. There are schools, kindergartens and medical care in the town of Bregovo.

Deleyna has electricity and water. The streets are paved, there is mobile phone coverage, internet and transport to Vidin and surrounding settlements.

Landmarks and tourisam:

1 km away from the village is Deleyna dam- a place for recreation, fishing and sunbathing.

Through Deleyna passes Deleynska River, which is also suitable for fishing.

4 km away from the village is Albotin rock monastery (preserved since ancient times) and the famous "Hayduk cheshma" fountain. The area of the monastery and the fountain is shrouded in legends of buried treasures. 

There is a monument of the villagers who died during the wars from 1912 to 1945.
In Vidin attractive for tourists are: the Baba Vida fortress, dating from the X century, related to the defense of the city during the Middle Ages, the Kale fortress, the Cruciform barracks with an ethnographic exhibition, the Turkish Konak "Koluka", the Mosque and the library of Osman Pazvantaglu, the Sveti Dimitar cathedral, the Mausoleum of the first Bulgarian Exarch Antim I and others.

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