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the village of Dubovo

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Dubovo is a village in South Bulgaria. It is located in Maglizh Municipality, Stara Zagora Region. There is another village with the same name in Bolyarovo Municipality, Yambol Region.

The village is settled 10 km east of the town of Maglizh, 27 km northeast of the regional town of Stara Zagora and 260 km east of the capital Sofia.

Dubovo is located in 200 m altitude in the Sub-Balkan valley between Stara Mountain (Balkan Mountain) and Sredna Gora Mountains. Tundja river is running in the south. On the other side of the Balkan Mountain is the town of Tryavna which is connected to the village of Duvobo through the Tryavna Pass.
A railway connecting South and North Bulgaria passes through the village and this makes Dubovo a key railway station on which the Sub-Balkan railway Sofia-Burgas and the railway Ruse-Podkova are crossing. Summer is cool and very pleasant. The climate and the air are appropriate for treatment of lung diseases.
The region of the village is extremely fertile.

The permanent population is 1 175 inhabitants. There is an Orthodox church in Dubovo, a primary school with more than 150 years of history and a kindergarten. One general practising doctor and one dentist are caring for the medical services. The nearest medical clinics are in the municipality center - the town of Maglizh. The village has also several shops.

Culture and Nature:

  • A monument of the fallen soldiers and volunteers from the village with their names is situated in the village center.
  • The highest peak in the region is Mal Tepe peak on which a partisan dugout is located.
  • There is an oak with bullets from Turkish times in the southern part of the village.
  • There is a Roman bridge over Dubovo river, close to the village of Raduntsi.
  • The region is full of Thracian tombs, two of them exprored. Funeral urn of Thracian nobleman are found in one of them.
  • The nearby Tundja river is an excellent place for fishing, walking and relaxing.

Text: Mirela

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