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village of Chorul

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Chorul is a village in western Bulgaria, Municipality Dragoman, Sofia region.
Located 6 km from southwest of Dragoman, 50 km in the same direction from Sofia, 50 km northwest of Svoge, 20 km southeast of Kalotina / the border with the Republic of Serbia/.
The population numbers about 40 people.
Located in a mountainous area, with an average altitude of 632 m.
The climate is temperate. Summers are hot and winters cold. There are negative values ​​of the average January temperature of about - 2.5 C and average July temperatures of about 18.4 C. The amount of rainfall is less.
The village is well laid out, with maintained infrastructure.
There are water supply, electricity, communication networks. Lack sewers.There is coverage of all mobile operators.
There's mayoralty. Educational institutions and medical practices in a community center - Dragoman and hospitals - in the regional center - Sofia.
Due to its well developed infrastructure and proximity to municipal and regional center, a significant proportion of the population finds work there. The territory of the municipality undertaking the production of electricity, production and elektrokontakti solders, several workshops, Kalotina border crossing and customs service.



With its natural resources, beautiful landscape and almost untouched scenery, the area around the Kalotina has the prerequisites to become an attractive place for hiking. High rocks, karst formations and shapes attract the attention of climbers, cavers and delta and unexplored terrain - the archaeologists and botanists. 

Lovers of extreme sports can get on a paraglider Chepan, one of the best places for this sport. 

Village Kalotina bordered to the east with the village Berende and Prekraste where you can see surviving ancient trees. This is considered the oldest oak tree in Bulgaria on the type Blagun / Berende the village. 
Kalotina Dam is located on the outskirts of the village near the Serbian border. The site offers the opportunity to catch catfish, carp and maple. 
Interest to tourists are the architectural and historical landmarks like Razboishtki monastery, Cheparlyanski Monasteryand others. 
Dragoman marsh - only in Bulgaria with karst origin, which gives it special conservation concern. 
Situated in a large valley surrounded by limestone hills, an area of 400 hectares. 
It was declared a nature reserve, part of the ornithological importance of place - Rayanovski wet meadows. 
Swamp is located in the path of migrating birds Via Aristotelis, they stop here in the rich marsh vegetation to relax before you fly again. 

Cave Dark Holе, located near the village Lipintsi and about half a kilometer from the neighbourhood Bachiyshte above the village Berende spring. Is 425 meters long and is dotted with various cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, blinds, dishes and ponds, cave pearls, stone lilies and other specific entities. It was declared a landmark. 
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