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Village of Cherven

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Cherven is a village situated in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse region.

There is another village with the same name in Bulgaria. It is located in Asenovgrad Municipality, Plovdiv region.

Cherven is about 34 km south-west from town of Ruse, 12 km south-east from village of Ivanovo, 38 km north-east from town of Byala and 53 km north-west from town of Razgrad.

Its population is approximately 270 people.

Cherven is set in the Eastern part of the Danube plain, about 30 km away from Danube River. Cherni Lom River goes through it and separates it into two parts. The picturesque curves of the river shape rock hills which rise high above the river valley.

The relief characterizes with low, plain and hilly lands. The climate is humid continental. Hot, dry summer and cold winter. The average temperatures in the summer are about 22 C, and the average ones in the winter are about 0 C.

Cherven is a well-developed village. Electricity, water and telephone net are provided. Regular public transportation to town of Ruse and village of Ivanovo. The village comprises a town hall, a post office, a community centre and shops. The community centre develops various activities. There is an operational ethnographic display and a library with 6400 volumes of books. The school and kindergarten were closed long time ago. The nearest educational centres are in the municipal village of Ivanovo (12 km) and town of Dve mogili (17 km). The health centres are in town of Ruse.
Several kilometers away from the village pass the main roads Ruse-Sofia and Ruse-Varna.

The region is famous as granary producer - wheat, barley, corn; technical crops - sun-flower, beetroot. Green crops are available and allow the developing of stock-breeding (pig-breeding, cattle-breeding and poultry-raising).


What the village is mostly famous for is the Medieval Town Cherven built there. The town itself was built upon a rock and was surrounded by all sides by Cherni Lom River. There was a separation of the population in terms of their wealth - the rich people lived on the upper part, the poor - down. With its solid stone wall, Cherven was inaccessible for its enemies.

Its weakness, however, was the fact that it very easily burned down. After the last one, the majority of its citizens left it and settled down to live on the rocks - the risk of fires or floods was much lower there. In this way the place where the city once was, became desert and was covered by the dust as years went by.

At the end of the 20th century archeologists became to get interested in the place and started excavations as a result of which numerous ornaments, tools, weapons, coins and other objects that once belonged to the citizens of the Medieval Town were found. Some of the buildings as churches and schools were recovered.

During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom the town was one of the most important centres of the country. Now it is an archeological reserve.
Interesting landmark in the area is the Natural Park 'Rusenski Lom'. There could be visited Ivanovo Monastery and the Monastery of Dimitar Basarbovski.

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