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village of Chernyovo

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Chernyovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia region

It is 7 km southwest of the town of Ihtiman, 60 km southeast of Sofia, 37 km northeast of Borovets resort, 105 km northwest of the town of Plovdiv

The population is about 300 people. 

The village is located in West Bulgaria in mountain area near Ihtiman. It is situated at the foot of Cherni rid peak part of the West Sredna gora mountain

The climate is temperate and continental. It is characterized by warm summer and cool winter. The average January temperature is -2,4 C and the average July temperature is 19,6 C. 

Chernyovo is well maintained village with good infrastructure. There are constructed water, electricity and phone systems. Here are functioning post office, public library, community center, two food stores and two taverns. In the village works veterinary doctor and there is land cooperation that deals with the production of wheat, sunflower and other crops. 
The nearest schools and medical assistance you can get in the municipality Ihtiman. 

Landmarks that could be seen in the area: 

At the beginning of the village in proximity to the road to Ihtiman is situated airfield Ihtiman (LBHT) where are organized flying courses and air fairs. 

The dams Iskar and Bozalan (Bakardere) as well as the hunting party Iskar are located about 15 km from the village and offer excellent conditions for fishing and hunting. 

The area is famous with the people who enjoy collecting mushrooms because there is great variety of mushrooms - porcini, chanterelle, rizhika, bride, deer, forest and field mushroom which are harvested in months from April to October when there are favorable climatic conditions. 

In the mountain above the village there are two cottages that offer accommodation for the tourists. 

In Chernyovo annually is organized festival with many dancing parties and folklore groups. 

In the located in proximity town of Ihtiman could be seen many cultural and historical landmarks like the church "Uspenie Bogorodichno", the History museum and the breach Trayanovi vrata. People who enjoy aristocratic sports could visit The golf club Air Sofia where there is golf course, swimming pool and tennis course.

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