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Village of Cherni Vit

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Cherni Vit is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in Teteven Municipality, Lovech region.

The village is 13 km southwest away from town of Teteven, 72 km southwest from the city of Lovech and 108 km northeast from the capital city Sofia.

The population is about 650 inhabitants.

The terrain is mostly mountainous with 800 m of altitude.

The climate is temperate continental - winter is mild, summer cool.

The village is with well utilized infrastructure. There are regular bus transport from Sofia to Teteven.

There is a community center, kinder garten, primary school, brand new church "St Bogoroditsa", hotel and guest house. One general practitioner and one dentist are taking care of the inhabitants health. The nearest medical center is in the town of Teteven.

The main occupation of the locals is livestock and fisheries, and also timber and metal work. Potatoes and fruits are grown in the land of the village.

Tourist and cultural attractions

With the beauty of the nature, historical past and traditions, with the mild climate, the village of Cherni Vit has been for years a wanted zone for fishing and relax.

The eponymous river, rich with trout passes through the village.

The biggest breech reserve on the Balkan peninsula "Boatin" is located within the village.

Other tourist attractions near the village of Cherni Vit are:

Cave "Bayovitsa" 156 m long. In it remains of people who lived in the stone age were found.

Cave "Benkovskata peshtera" 84 m long. Known as the hiding place of Benkovski some time before he was killed by the Turks in the area of Kostina.

Glozhenski monastery - situated in a picturesque area in the north part of Stara Planina mountain. It is built on a hill and from afar it resembles a castle.

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