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village of Chekanchevo

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Chekanchevo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Gorna Malina municipality, Sofia region.

It is 11 km northeast of the village of Gorna malina and 21 km in the same direction from the town of Elin Pelin. The neighboring villages are 3 km north is the village of Sarantsi, 7 km northwest is the village of Negushevo, 3 km southeast is the village of Makotsevo. The capital Sofia is 41 km west.

It is located in the central part of the West Bulgaria and its altitude is 659 m. The climate is temperate as the winter is cold and prolonged while the summer is considerably dry. Most of the precipitation falls during the spring and the summer.

Transportation links with the settlements in the area are excellent. There is bus and railway transportation that connect the village. The central streets are asphalted and with lighting, there are constructed water, electricity and phone systems. All mobile operators have coverage, there is Internet connection.

The permanent population is about 291 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center with library, store and restaurant. One GP takes care for the people in the village, GP works in the village of Gorna malina while hospital you can find in the town of Elin Pelin. The nearest schools and kindergartens are on the territory of the municipality. 

The nature in the area of Gorna malina is almost untouched by human influence and is in its natural condition - the purest in Sofia region. There are provided preconditions for village tourism for in the village of Makotsevo functions horse base, in th village of Negushevo you will find the preserved traditional architecture that was set of many movies.

The people that enjoy fishing can enjoy it at the fish pond and the river that now flows in new bed to Gorna malina.

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