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village of Chavdar

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Chavdar is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Chavdar municipality, Sofia region.

It is 10 km southwest of the town of Zlatitsa, 10 km southeast of the village of Mirkovo and 71 km east of the capital Sofia. To the village leads the Podbalcan road that is one of the main arteries in the country.

This is the smallest municipality in Bulgaria as it includes only one settlement. It is located in Zlatishko-Pirdopska hollow at the foot of Stara planina mountain and its altitude is about 570 m.
In comparison with the other hollows behind the Balkan the Zlatishko-Pirdopskata hollow is characterized by low temperatures. The winter is cold and the summer is cool. The region is characterized also with frosts in the fall.

The permanent population of the village is about 1313 people. In the recent years it has become preferred place for relaxation and many of the people from the capital and the near towns own villas here.

The infrastructure is well maintained - the streets are asphalted and with lighting. There are constructed water and electricity systems. All mobile operators have coverage. Regular bus transportation connects it the other settlements.

Here are functioning town hall, post office, primary school, community center with library and many cultural activities, kindergarten, guest houses, hotel complex, park with playground, stores and restaurants. One GP and one dentist take care for the health of the people in the village. The nearest medical center is the town of Zlatitsa while specialized hospitals you will find in the capital Sofia.

In proximity flows Topolnitsa river. Near it was found multilayer early Neolithic settlement Chavdar about 6200 BC. with stone tools and unique painted pottery. There were found numerous pottery and coins of later epochs. Findings are kept at the Archaeological Institute with Museum in Sofia and in the Historical Museum in Pirdop.

The people that enjoy like hiking and walking in the mountains can visit the cottages "Bratiya" and "Sakardzha" in Sredna gora mountain. Also here is the well known cottage "Chavdar" in Stara planina mountain in Varhushki polyani area in west direction from Baba peak. It is starting point of the European route E-3. To it lead a couple of routes - one on dirt route that is accessible by bike, the other is from Bunovo train station where there is marked path to the cottage. The route takes about two and a half hours but it is easy and nice for walking.

The people can also go on an excursion to the natural phenomenon Kazanite, these are five waterfalls situated between three huge rocks. They are connected on a line with big holes about five meters and each is bigger and larger as the rivers flow in one another. From here comes the name Kazanite which in Bulgarian means the Cauldrons. the water is clean and fresh.

On Petka peak is situated the eponymous chapel in the honor of the saint where every year there is festival. And in the village there is Orthodox church "St Archangel Mihail".


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