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village of Tserovo

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Tserovo is a village in Western Bulgaria, part of Svoge Municipality, Sofia District. 

In Bulgaria there are two towns bearing the name Tserovo - inBlagoevgrad municipality and inLesichovo municipality, Pazardzhik region. 
It is located 6 km north of Svoge and about 47 km in the same direction from Sofia

The population is around 1550 people. 

Located at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, beautifully situated in the amazing Iskar Gorge, 450 m altitude. Passed through it the longest river in Bulgaria - Iskar (368 km). 
The area falls within the temperate climatic zone. Typically there are cold winters, cool summers and an earlier fall, compared to other parts of the country. 

The village is electrified, built with partial water supply and electricity networks. Partially built a sewer system. 
Here is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic telephone exchange, in the library and the Internet. 

In a city primary school Vasil Levski, community center Hristo Botev, kindergarten, a dental practice. The nearest hospital is in the municipal center. 
Good transport links by train Tserovo station. 


Tserovo Village is a picturesque, small village at the foot of Stara Planina, located on both sides of the Iskar River. 
One of the fantastic natural attractions in the Iskar Gorge is a rock phenomenon Dzhuglata. Located next to the railroad station near the village Tserovo, Dzhuglata certainly makes an impression of passing wakes and delight visitors in the village. For this and has become something of a symbol of the village. 
Its shape resembles a sponge. High around 18 m, the rock formation is composed of horizontal layers of red sandstone. 
In order to protect its rock formation has been declared a natural monument in 1964. Today it is built around a small park. 
In the village Tserovo are some remarkable caves: Mayanitsa water cave, water cave in the village Tserovo, cave cry and others. 
A few years ago was opened and examined water cave Mayanitsa. This is a great, unique cave hidden in the Iskar Gorge with two entrances, located in the village Tserovo.It has a huge waterfall and cave rooms with beautiful knots. 

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