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Village of Tserovets

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Tserovets is a village situated in Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Ivanovo municipality, Ruse region.

It is located 45 km south from town of Ruse, 31 km in the same direction from village of Ivanovo, 45 km west from town of Razgrad, 93 km north-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo and 57 km east from town of Byala.

The name of the village comes from 'tser' (white oak). The region is exuberant with it.
The population of the village is about 150 people.
Tserovets is located in the Danube plain, in a beautiful valley of one of the tributaries of Malki Rom River. The relief characterizes with low and plain-hill lands. It is about 343 m above sea level. The climate features dry, hot summer and cold winter. The place is with amazing flora and fauna represented by different plant and animal species. It is surrounded by oak and pine-tree forests. This is a wonderful place for relaxation. Fresh air and splendid panoramic view.
The village is well-developed. Electricity, water and telephone net are provided. Good transportation links to town of Ruse and village of Ivanovo. The nearest schools and kindergartens are in village of Svalenik (6 km away). 'Georgi Benkovski' community centre is with various activities. There is a library as well.
The health services are mainly in the region centre - town of Ruse.


The region is with picturesque nature. There are good conditions for eco, fishing and mountainous tourism. St Archangel Michael Church (100 years old) could be visited in the village. It was renovated in 2005. Each November traditional village fair takes place.
Ivanovo Monastery attracts many tourists. The rocks host medieval rock churches along the beautiful valleys of Rusenski Lom River. The place is with statute of archeological reserve. The monastery is under the protection of UNESCO.
Natural Park 'Rusenski Lom' is set in the beautiful canyon-type valley of Rusenski Lom River (the last right tributary of Danube River). The territory was announced as protected in 1970.

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