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village of Tseretsel

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Tseretsel is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

It is 30 km north of Sofia and about 15 km southeast of the town of Svoge.

The permanent population is about 30 people.

It is located at the foot of Stara planina mountain and the scenery is unique because it in the Iskar gorge and its altitude is 728 m. In proximity passes Iskar river the longest river in Bulgaria /368 km/.
The area falls in temperate continental climate zone. It is characterized by cold winter, cool summer and early fall. 

The village is well-maintained with partially constructed water and electricity system.
All mobile operators have coverage and there is central phone system.
A few kilometers of the village passes railway line.


In Tseretsel could be seen many cultural, historical and natural landmarks which are favorite place for relaxation in the weekends for the proximity to Sofia and the easy access.

Touristic landmarks:

  • Batuliya monastery "St Nickolay" is established in the beginning of the XX century. It is situated near Batuliya village which is 14 km away from Svoge, 4 km of Rebrovo and on the shore of Batuliiska river. It is working non stop.
  • The beautiful Iskar Gorge is situated in West Stara planina mountain where Iskar river creates beautiful fault when it passes through the mountain between the Sofia field and the Danubian Plain. Many of the slopes in the fault were for years non inhabitable until there was made railway line and road was built. Then started to settle in people from both sides of the river and are formed many small nice villages - Kurilo, Vlado Trichkov, Lukovo, Rebrovo, Tomsan etc. up to Lyutibrod /Vratsa region/. The fresh air and picturesque scenery as well as the convenient transportation make the settlements in the area attractive to the lovers of the life out of the city and for many people that work in the capital. 
  • Vazov route is one of the many touristic routes in the Iskar Gorge. 

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