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village of Tsarevets

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Tsarevets is village in Northwest Bulgaria. It is located in Mezdra municipality, Vratsa region

In Bulgaria there are three other settlements with the same name in Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region, in Dobrich municipality, Dobrich region and in Kardzhali municipality, Kardzhali region

It is 10 km east of the town of Mezdra and 26 km southeast of the municipality Vratsa. The town of Roman is 17 km east and the capital Sofia is 108 km southwest. 

It is situated at the foot of Stara planina mountain in proximity to the flow of Iskar river and its altitude is about 291 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by cold but not severe winter and also it is influenced by the proximity to the mountain. Much more precipitation falls during the summer than the winter.

The permanent population is about 372 people.

Tsarevets is considerably well maintained village with good infrastructure there are constructed water and electricity systems, the main streets are asphalted and with lighting. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, store and pub. The nearest schools and kindergartens you will find on the territory of the municipality Mezdra where also you can get medical assistance.
The tourists can accommodate at the guest house that is open year round.

The church "St Nickola" (XIV-XV century) and is declared monument of culture with national significance and was recently renovated so it is in good condition. It is situated at the center of the village in the yard of the new Orthodox church. Here are kept old tombstones from the Renaissance. It is unique for in it is preserved the only brick iconostasis in Bulgaria. The frescoes are made by masters in the field and date back to the XVII-th century. Among the icons are those of Bogoroditsa, archangel Michail etc. 

The mountain are offers good opportunities for excursion in the nature where you can explore one of the many caves in which can be seen cave paintings and hieroglyphics. People that enjoy fishing should take advantage of the options Iskar rivers creates. 

Just 9 km south of Tsarevets is locate Strupetski monastery "St prophet Iliya". It consists of residential part with opportunity for accommodation, two churches and beautiful drinking water fountain with healing water. 

About 21 km in the direction to Mezdra is the village of Lutibrod rises the natural phenomenon Ritlite - they are unique rock formations and are in the form of three parallel stone walls. In Roman times they were used as natural blockade of the exit from the Iskar defile and today are "conquered" by the climbers and the mountaineers. On the right is the historical Rashov dol where ten of the rebels from the Botev party were killed and there are preserved their bones in small tomb. Through Rashev dol passes Iskar river and here is the route baba Iliitsa went through Prosechen kamak and that goes to Cherepishki monastery (20 km).


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