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village of Careva polyana

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Haskovo Region - Careva polyana

Careva polyana is a village in southeastern Bulgaria, in Stambolovo municipality, Haskovo region.

The settlement is situated 22 km southeast of Haskovo, 26 km northeast of Kardzhali, 32 km southwest of Harmanli and 52 km west of Svilengrad. The distance to the bulgarian-Greek border is about 36 km. 15 km south of the village is one of the biggest dams in Bulgaria - the Kurdjali dam.

The climate in the region is characterized by mild winters and deceitful snow and hot summers - sometimes the temperature reaches 40 ˚C. Spring comes early - at the beginning of April and the autumn is long and warm. The altitude is 222 m.

The population is about 380 people.

The village has good infrastructure, electricity, the streets are paved, all mobile operators have coverage. There are a municipality hall, a town hall, a post office, a library, a community center with a female singing group and children's folklore group, a food shop and a pub. The closest school and medical service are located in the neighboring village of Dolno Botevo, about 11 km away. There is regular public transport to neighboring villages and cities.


Picturesquely located in the South Central region of Bulgaria, the village of Careva polyana combines fabulously beautiful, majestic scenery, ancient history and living heritage, myths and legends. This is one of the regions in Bulgaria, which has many holy sites in one place - over ten of them.

Most interesting of them are:

Punchova cheshma - a fountain with a healing water, situated in the outskirts of the village.

"St. Ilia" church - built in 1858, the church is included in UNESCO list, because it is more than 150 years old.

"St. Archange Michael" chapel - situated 50 m from the main road, in the south end of the village.

"St. George" chapel - situated on the road between Careva polyana and Stambolovo village.

"St. Duh" spring - another healing water source, 2 km south of the village in the area of "Orta borum".


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