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village of Byala reka

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Byala reka is a village in South Bulgaria. It is situated in Rudozem municipality, Smolyan region.

In Bulgaria there are more than three settlements with the same name in Suhindol municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region, Varbitsa municipality, Shumen region and Parvomai municipality, Plovdiv region.

It is 4 km west of the town of Rudozem, 26 km southeast of the town of Smolyan, 18 km southwest from the town of Madan and 270 km southeast of the capital Sofia.
There is regular bus transportation to the town of Rudozem.

Its altitude is about 837 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by mild and prolonged winter and the summer is cool.

The permanent population is about 250 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, kindergarten, store and GP. In the village there is Internet connection, cable TV and the mobile operators have coverage. The nearest hospital and school are situated on the territory of Madan.

In the area of Rudozem there interesting landmarks:

The medieval fortress "Koznik" that is located on a rock above the towb of Rudozem. To it goes eco trail Kechi Kaya - Koznik. The fortress is element from the whole fortress wall and in the past it was used for defense of the Rhodopi mountain.

The ancient temple below Tsiganska gradishte peak. To this historical lamdmark leads eco trail Tsigansko gradishte - Sadilishteto.

The mosque and the Golden Quran in the village of Chepintsi (11 km). It is the sign of the village as it is the only one in the country with two minarets each 35 m high. It has very rich library with more than 800 books, scripts in arabic and persian - philosophy, astronomy, islamic law and rethoric.

The monastery "St Elena" in the past as known as St Irina and it is situated above the village of Plovdivtsi (14 km).

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