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Village of Burya

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Burya is a village situated in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Sevlievo Municipality, Gabrovo region.

It is located 31 km north from town of Gabrovo, 21 km east from town of Sevlievo, 30 km south from town of Pavlikeni, 34 km south-west from town of Veliko Tarnovo and 197 km north-east from city of Sofia.

Its population is approximately 250 people.

The village spreads out a beautiful land at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The sea altitude is 480 m. The climate characterizes with warm summer and cold winter.

Burya is well-developed and comprises several shops, public houses, health services, a school, a community centre, a post office, a town hall and a church. The community centre hosts an ethnographic museum collection, a concert hall and a rich library.

The village is inhabited by permanent residents - Bulgarians and foreigners. Regular bus transportation goes to the towns of Sevlievo and Dryanovo. Digital telephone system with very good ADSL Internet connection is provided.

Cultural and tourist places of interest

Village of Burya is located in a region with many tourist places:

  • Town of Dryanovo is set just 18 km away from the village. Dryanovo Monastery 'St Archangel Michael' and 'Bacho Kiro' cave could be visited in the town. The Monastery was founded in XII century and is the bastion of the Bulgarian clerical culture. 'Bacho Kiro' cave is situated in western direction from the monastery - 5 minutes in a walking distance. The cave was shaped by the waters of Dryanovska River. It is a 2 4000 m long labyrinth. There is an eco path as well.
  • Town of Gabrovo is famous with the Ethnographic Museum Etar. The museum presents many old workshops for traditional Bulgarian crafts. The complex comprises a hotel, restaurants, taverns and other public houses in Bulgarian folk style.
  • Alexander Stamboliyski Dam is just 20 km north-west from the village. It is 18 km long. The dam is a perfect place for yachting, rowing, water-motor sports, fishing and sun-bathing.

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