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village of Bunovo

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Bunovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Mirkovo municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement with the same name in Kyustendil municipality, Kyustendil region.

It is 13 km northwest of the village of Mirkovo, 37 km east of the town of Elin Pelin and 58 km in the same direction from the capital Sofia.

The village is located in mountain region in the Zlatishko-Pirdopska hollow that is surrounded by Stara planina mountain and Sredna gora mountain. It is falls within a zone with temperate climate that is characterized with cold winter and warm summer.

The transportation links to the other settlements are well developed through the railway road and the regular bus transport. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting. There are constructed water and electricity systems. All mobile operators have coverage.

The permanent population is about 320 people.

The local people can take advantage of the services in the town hall and the community center, there are stores, coffee shop and pub. GP works in the neighboring village of Mirkovo where there are also school and kindergarten. Medical center works in the town of Elin Pelin while specialized hospitals are functioning in the capital Sofia.


Tourism and landmarks


Through Bunovo passes Bunovska river that is favorite place for excursions, fishing and relaxation near the nature.

The area that surrounds the village is country abounding in game so in the village there is organized hunting party.

The Orthodox church "St Todor Stratilat" in the village was constructed in 1843.

Here was made monument of the fallen during the Russo-Turkish war as well as one praising the local people who gave their life in the wars 1912 - 1918. In Galabets area there is Memorial complex of Vasil Levski.

Bunovo is famous destination for the people that enjoy the extreme sports as there is railway bridge 30 meters high that is used for bungee jumps.

At the foot of the mountain there are a couple of chapels among them is that of St Bogoroditsa.

Nice is the route to Baba peak and Chavdar hut in Stara planina mountain from here start different walks and variants for excursions.

In the yard of the school there is there are two giant sequoias that are more than 50 years old.


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