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village of Bukovets

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Bukovets is a village in West Bulgaria. It is in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there are four other settlements that carry the same name in Veliko Tarnovo region, in Vidin region, in Vratsa region and in Montana region

The village is 20 km east of the town of Svoge, 41 km west of the town of Botevgrad and about 68 km northeast of the capital Sofia

Bukovets is situated at the foot of Chukava peak in Golema mountain which is part of Stara planina mountain on altitude of 1000 m. The village is with mountain climate - the winter is cold, the summer is cool and the fall comes earlier than in the other parts of the country. The climate conditions and the mountain terrain allow the bee keeping, the collecting of raspberries, herbs and mushrooms. 

The permanent population is about 60 people. 

In the village there is shop which works only two days a week. 


The area is very suitable for tourism and relaxation. The scenery is breathtaking. In the forests there are still cold springs with crystal clear mineral water. Common known springs are Haidushki kladenets, Cold izvor, Anduvksoto and Pod buka. 

The highest and most popular peak in Golema planina is Chukava peak. At its foot is the village of Bukovets. On the ridge of the mountain passes the tourist road Kom - Emine /700 km/. There are also routes for marches to the Cherepishki monastery, "St Bogoroditsa" monastery etc. The people who love mountain biking use the route "St Bogoroditsa" monastery - Chukava peak - Ogoya village. 

The oldest landmark in the area is the small church in the village of Bukovets "St Nickolay" and it is most probably built by the crusaders during the early Middle ages. In the Sofia mountain are located Katinskite piramidi - beautiful natural formations in the area of Katina village. Near Drenovo village is located the cave Golyamata temnota. In Osenovlag village there is a hotel, farm with exotic animals, fishpond with trout and ranch with riding horses. In Rzhana is located the Osenovlag monastery known as "Sedemte prestola" for its seven thrones in the monastery church and rich history. 

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