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village of Bukorovtsi

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Bukorovtsi is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Godech municiaplity, Sofia region.

It is 8 km southwest of the town of Godech, less than a kilometer from the village of Kalenovtsi and 4 km west of the village of Murgash. The capital Sofia is 56 km southeast.

It is located between the mountains Chepan and Stara planina and its altitude is about 621 m. The climate is temperate and falls within a zone influenced by the relief and is characterized by cold winter and hot summer. The coldest month is January and the hottest is July. 

The infrastructure is considerably well maintained. Bus transportation connects the village to the other settlements. The central streets are asphalted and with lighting. There is water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage.

The permanent population is about 9 people.

The town hall is in the village of Kalenovtsi and services both settlements. The nearest stores, schools and kindergartens are working in the town of Godech. There also you can get medical assistance. Specialized hospitals there are in the capital Sofia.

Bukorovtsi Village is known for the nearby monastery - Bukorovski monastery "St. George". It is unique for Bulgaria as there are five churches as in the world there is only one such monastery. Working is the church "St. George" - it has a nave and apse, while others are not yet fully ready, it's "St. Petka", "St. Cyril and Methodius", "Holy Sunday" and "All Saints. " They two naves and two apses and adjacent to the old church. Can be seen also old crosses bearing the names of saints. Here is found the oldest calendar found in Europe. He was in the form of a turtle and is now kept in a museum. The monastery itself was built on the ruins of five medieval churches.

Natural entity "Kotlite" is located only a few hundred meters away. It is a picturesque waterfall, where the water is flowing from a karst-like dish (cauldron) in the second and then the river continues to flow. In the vicinity of 60 meters at the top of the rock, is situated the eponymous cave Dracula. It is dry, not leveled with length 42 m wide entrance and with a high arch. Inside the cave there is a high main gallery and the floor is covered with dirt and small pieces of mud. The cave ends in a chimney through which water flows in the rain.

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