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village of Breze

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Breze is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region

In Bulgaria there is another village that carries the same name it is in Devin municipality, Smolyan region

The village is 13 km northeast of Svoge, 14 km northeast of Godech and 38 km in the same direction from Sofia

Breze is situated in mountain area in the west part of Stara planina. Asphalt road connects it to the village of Iskrets. The access to the other two neighboring villages is through gravel road suitable for SUVs and trucks. 

The municipality's territory falls within a zone with temperate climate. It is characterized by cold winter and cool summer. The fall comes earlier than in other parts of the country. 

The permanent population of Breze is about 251 people. 

In the village is functioning community center "Prosveta" there are no schools or kindergartens as the nearest are in Svoge. There is dentist that takes care of the people in the village. 

In the area passes Iskretska river which is with specific micro climate very suitable for balneotherapy of lung diseases. 

For its proximity to Svoge and Sofia in the village are constructed many villas and people come mostly in the summer to take a rest here. Breze is special with its fresh air and incredible nature. The houses are not built in proximity to one another but are picturesquely set on slope of the mountain for several kilometers. The history of the village keeps memories from the glorious times of the Bulgarian kings and the hard times during the Turkish yoke.

In the municipality there are numerous natural landmarks that should be seen - Lakatnishki rocks (Lakatnik village) and the Temnata dupka cave at their foot, Skaklya waterfall and Elata cave near Bov village, Sedemte prestola monastery (Eliseina), the Iskrets monastery as well as a couple of cottages in the area of Proboinitsa, Trustenaya, Dobarchin etc. The nature around Svoge is known for the diversity of its forests and beautiful meadows. 

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