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village of Brenitsa

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Brenitsa is a village in North Bulgaria. It is in Knezha municipality, Pleven region

In Bulgaria there is another setllement with the same name in Tutrakan municipality, Silistra region.

It is 9 km southeast of the town of Knezha, 14 km north of the town of Koynare and 47 km west of the town of Pleven. The capital Sofia is 147 km southwest. 

It is located in a hollow and its altitude is 140 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized with hot and dry summer while the winter is extremely cold. In the area often the temperatures are getting -30 degrees below zero. 

The permanent population is about 1959 people. 

Brenitsa is well maintained village, most of the streets are asphalted, there are constructed water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. 

Here are functioning town hall, primary school, kindergarten, community center with choir, church, computer club, pensioner's club, stores and restaurants. For the health of the local people take care two GPs. The nearest hospital as well as dentists are working on the territory of the town of Knezha. 


Tourism and landmarks

The village is with kid's football club. The church "Vaznesenie Gospodne" is constructed in 1870 and its architecture, Renaissance frescoes and wood carvings are made by notable masters. In its yard is constructed monument of the people who died during the wars. 

Probably the name of the village derives from the words "bran", "brannitsa" which in Bulgarian mean "defend" for the people defended it from the enemies. 

In Brenitsa there is hunting and fishing party. Good conditions for fishing offers the near Iskar river and the are is full of pray. 

 In the town of Knezha the tourists can visit Gergana forest park. There are made zoo inhabited by bears, deers, pony, goats etc., places for relaxation and picnic, barbecues and playgrounds. 
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