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Village of Bratya Kunchevi

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Bratya Kunchevi is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

The village is located about 20 km from the city of Stara Zagora, 16 km from  the town of Nova Zagora, some 158 km from the city of Burgas and 260 km from the city of Sofia.

Its population is around 880 people.

The climate of the village is transitional-continental with mild winter, hot summer, mild autumn and early spring. Snow is rare and melts quickly.

The village has a fully developed electricity and water supply systems. All mobile operators have coverage. In Bratya Kunchevi there is an internet and cable TV, operating elementary school, church, post office, city hall, community center, shops, pub. Medical service is undertaken by local GP. The village is served by regular bus.

Bratya Kunchevi is located on both sides of Cherkovska River, the land is dotted with wells and Thracian mounds and in the west from the village is the river Todorovets, included in the quarry for the extraction of sand north from the village.


Bratya Kuncevi village is one of the oldest villages in Bulgaria. In the village there were several monasteries and churches, hence the old name "Cherkovo".
Today the only operating church in this village was dedicated to "St. Dimitar Solunski". It is situated on the foundations of a medieval church that was rebuilt after the Liberation.
North of the village above the gorge of the river Cherkovskata, is located fortress "Gradishte". Performed in typical Old-style, mixed masonry, stone and red bricks.
Throughout the village today are scattered "pots" - large ceramic containers for storing grain and other commodities.

North of the village at a distance of about 4 km there is a dam. The place is very beautiful and suitable for fishing and recreation.  3-4 km upstream of Cherkovska River, is the "Yurta" - a wonderful place for recreation.

Today vines are grown here, mostly of the variety "Merlot" and rose gardens, as the climate is suitable.

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