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village of Bratya Daskalovi

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Bratya Daskalovi is a village in southern Bulgaria, the administrative center of Municipality Bratya Daskalovi, Stara Zagora Region.

The village is located 15.6 kilometers north-west from Chirpan, 50 km southwest of the city of Stara Zagora, 52 km northeast of Plovdiv and 200 km southeast of Sofia. The altitude is 208 m. The population is about 767 people.
The terrain is hilly, decomposed by dry valleys and small rivers. On climatic conditions in the municipality affect the Balkan Mountains to the north. Winter is more severe compared to other regions of Stara Zagora with sustainable and relatively good snow cover. Summer is characterized by frequent and high heat. The absolute maximum temperature is in July.
Village Bratya Daskalovi  was founded in 1956 by the merger of two villages on both banks of the river Omurovska - Grozdovo on the left bank and Razhevo soldiers or the right.  The village was named after the three brothers Daskalovi Daskalovi  - Dimitar (1883-1923), Ivan (1885-1923) and Nicola (1895-1923) - participants in the September Rebelion in 1923.
In the municipality crosses the route of Trakia and its deviation to the southeast - the Maritsa Highway, yet to be built.
Agriculture  is a key sector of the local economy. Is well developed crop - grain, wine and fruit growing. There are good soil and climatic conditions for development of oil rose, lavender, cotton. In the village operate a community center, day nursing home, youth center, elementary school, medical center.
Tourism in the municipality is associated mainly with the area around the hut Kavakliyka  located just a few kilometers from the village of Gorno novo selo.
An interesting fact is that in the summer of 2010 in the village run intensive archaeological activities - is an open tomb of about 2500 years. Excavations of in the region around 20 mounds remain.

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