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village of Brakiovtsi

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Brakiovtsi is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Godech municipality, Sofia region.

It is 21 km northeast of the town of Godech and 52 km north of the capital Sofia. The neighboring villages of Breze and Gintsi are respectively 5 km southeast and 9 km northwest.

It is located in the mountain region of West Stara planina mountain and is divided into Gorna and Dolna neighborhoods, its altitude is about 1229 m. The climate is temperate. The summer is warm while the winter is cool. In proximity flows Nishava river that springs northwest of it and is near Kom peak and the border with Serbia.

The permanent population is about 64 people.

The village is with electricity system, the mobile operators have coverage. To it leads asphalt road.

The nearest stores, restaurants and coffee shop are in the village of Gintsi while the nearest school and kindergarten as well as medical center are functioning on the territory of the municipality center Godech. The specialized hospitals are working in the hospital.

The village is named after its founders that were brothers.


Tourism and landmarks

The people that enjoy mountain hiking take advantage of the mountain relief and the different touristic routes - in proximity is situated Kom peak.

Near Gintsi village there are remains of an old historical road that is situated just two kilometers from the center of the village and where there can be seen fossils of fishes and other water animals that have inhabited the area a thousand years ago.
Again there is located one of the oldest churches in Bulgaria - St Nikolay. It is constructed during the 14 century and still functions.

The natural reserve Zaskoto is situated on area of 88 hectares and consists of the eponymous rock complex, karst hollow and caves. The reserve is part of natural reserve Zapaden Balkan. Another interesting natural landmark is Kotlite waterfall. Among the cultural and historical landmarks there are the rock church "St Bogoroditsa" near the village of Razboishte (30 km southeast), the monastery "St Nikolay Letni" in the town of Godech, in which is situated new temple, ancient Roman temple from II and the IV century that is declared monument of culture.

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