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Village of Bozhichen

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Bozhichen is a village situated in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse region.

It is located 20 km south-west from town of Ruse, 4 km north-east from village of Ivanovo, 69 km north-west from town of Razgrad and 72 km east from town of Svishtov.

The population is approximately 170 people.

Village of Bozhichen is popular with its amazing nature. It is set in the curves of Rusenski Lom River in the Danube plain. It spreads over forests, rocks and meadows. Variety of biological species lives in the high vertical rocks at the nestling valleys. The summer is hot, the winter - cold and the spring and autumn - short. The village is about 90 m above sea level.

Bozhichen is well-developed and comprises good street infrastructure. Water, electricity and telephone net are provided. All mobile operators have coverage in the area. Bus and railway stops - 4 km away in the municipality centre of Ivanovo.

There is a town hall, a post office, a church, a community centre and shops in the village. The school and kindergarten are closed in 1989. The education and health services take place in the neighbouring villages.

The population of the village is occupied in the agriculture. A company in the village produces 'boza' - popular Bulgarian beverage. The trade mark is famous in the whole district of Ruse.



The region characterizes with rich game hunting fields and natural, historical-cultural landmarks.
'Bozheniya' Park is a perfect place for rural tourism.
In close proximity to Bozhichen is Ivanovo Monastery - famous archeological reserve included in UNESCO list of world cultural inheritance. The place could be reached by car or by a marked route for pedestrian tourism.
The Medieval Town of Cherven is 10 minutes away from the village. It is an archeological reserve with well-preserved medieval tower near village of Cherven.
Near Bozhichen the famous Orlova chuka cave could be visited as well. The cave is inhabited by approximately 10 000 bats.
Another tourist attraction is the popular St Dimitar Basarbovski Monastery which is hewn out of the rock. There are pedestrian routes and eco paths.

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