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Bozhentsi is a village in central northern Bulgaria, in Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo region.

The village of Bozhentsi lies in the middle part of the Balkan Mountains. It is an Architecture and Ethnographic Reserve, situated at a distance 15 km east of Gabrovo, 28 km west of Tryavna, 45 km away from town of Veliko Tarnovo and 200 km from the capital - city of Sofia. The village is noted for its well-preserved Bulgarian National Revival architecture and history, and is thus a well-known tourist destination in the area.

The altitude is about 700 m. The population is about 40 people.

The village of Bozhentsi was proclaimed an architectural and historical reserve in 1964 and is part of UNESCO's cultural monuments. The National Revival architecture has been preserved in Bozhentsi due to this, and there is a ban on the construction of any buildings that do not fit with the village's style.

The hilly terrain allows Bozhentsi to form one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles of the Revival. High stone walls, carved oak doors, small cobbled streets, stone fountains, and small shops create a unique atmosphere of this paradise of Bulgaria. One of the most typical Bozhentsi monuments dating from the period of the National Revival of Bulgaria is the house of Doncho Popa.

Bozhentsi is known for being home to many famous Bulgarian writers, artists, architects, activists of science and art.

The Village-reserve is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. There are two house-museums to be seen, built in the 18 and the first half of the 19 century, with exhibitions of original objects dating from that period.

There are also revivals of authentic national customs depending on the holidays – Lazaruvane, Koleduvane, St. George’s day. The village offers you the possibility to stay in old-style houses. Also, there are taverns, cafes, shops.

The village has small inns and guest-houses that offer wine tasting of bulgarian wine, barbecue, bulgarian dishes as well as visits to historical sites and natural landmarks.

Every year in the beginning of September the village hosts a plain-air "Autumn in Bozhentsi", and from June to September - an exhibition-bazaar of works of art is held there, too. It is possible to find accommodation in some of the houses - Ivan Karadimitrov's House (19th century), Maria Savekova's House (18th-19th century), Tsana Mihova's House (19th century), Ivantsa Boncheva's House (20th century), Parlapanov's House. Tel.: 363 through telephone orders for Bozhentsi.

There is a regular bus transport from Gabrovo, Dryanovo and Tryavna. Patterns of ancient architecture are preserved in the near small villages of Skortsi, Dobrevtsi, Kereni, Kissiytsi, Genchevtsi.

Other places of interest in the region:

  • the town of Veliko Tarnovo
  • the etnographic complex ''Etura"
  • Kazanlak - the city of Roses (60 km)
  • The capital of ''humor and satire" - town of Gabrovo
  • Cradle of Bulgarian woodcarving and icon painting - Tryavna
  • Dryanovo monastery with dryanovo eco-trails and Bacho Kiro cave

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