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village of Bozhenitsa

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Bozhenitsa is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Botevgrad municipality, Sofia region.

It is 20 km north of the town of Botevgrad and 83 km northeast of the capital Sofia. The neighboring village of Novachene is 10 km southwest and the village of Litakovo is 17 km in the same direction. In proximity is also Skravena village just 14 km southwest.

It is situated in the Danubian Plain near the flow of Bebresh river and its altitude is about 290 m. The climate as in the hollow is often severe with long winter, short spring - cool and winter and the summer is hot and dry.

The village is well maintained and with good infrastructure. There are constructed electricity, water and phone systems. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting. Regular bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

The people who live here permanently are about 159 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center with library, pensioner's club, store, pub and facility of the municipality. The nearest kindergarten and school are in the neighboring village of Novachene while medical assistance you can get at the village of Litakovo. Medical center works in the town of Botevgrad and in the capital you can find hospitals.

Tourism and landmarks

South of the village are situated the remains of the medieval fortress "Bozhenishki Urvich" constructed during the V-th c. and destroyed in XIV c. The citadel can be reached only from the north. The archaeological excavations proved that the place has been inhabited since the prehistorical era and the first defense building dates back to V-VI c. The forest flourished in XIII-XIV c. when was constructed the outer wall. Recently the walls were partially renovated. The fortress is famous with the inscription from the time of the rule of king Ivan Shishman - "I, Dragomir, wrote. I, Sevast Ognyan was to king Shishman kefaliya and I found myself into big trouble. In this times the Turks were at war. And I kept alive the faith of the king Shishman". What proves that this sentence is telling the historical truth are the found near the walls of the fortress hundreds of arrowheads and spears, stone balls and skeletons of the fighters.

The river of Bebresh has made picturesque canyon in the rocks and is favorite place for the climbers.

The church in the village was constructed during the Ottoman rule and is with interesting belfry on which is painted the emblem of the village of Bozhenitsa. To the church there was religious school.


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