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village of Botevo

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Botevo is a village in Southeastern Bulgaria, it is part of Tundja municipality, Yambol region.

There are four more villages in Bulgaria with the same name - in Varna region, in Vidin region, in Vratsa region and in Montana region.

Botevo is situated 18 km southwest of Yambol, 30 km northwest of Elhovo, 35 km southeast of Nova Zagora and some 260 km southeast of the capital city of Sofia

The population is about 930 people.

The terrain is flat and the soil is fertile and suitable for growing almost all kind of fruits and vegetables.

The altitude is 240 m.

The climate is continental, typical for the Upper-Trachian Valley, with little influence from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. In terms of temperature regime, the region is one of the hottest in the country. The average temperature for the coldest month - January is 1.2 ° C and the average temperature for July is 23.2 ° C.

The village is well developed - totally electrified and supplied with water, all streets are paved, there are regular bus services connecting it with neighboring towns and villages. There are a city hall, a municipality, a kindergarten, a primary school, a church, a community center with a vocal group, a library, a senior citizens club. There are also a GP, a dentist, several shops and a pub.

Specialized medical help can be received in the hospital of Yambol.

Tourism and landmarks

Kaleto area is located a few kilometers away from the village. Over there were found remains of a fort, which were believed to have been a base of a guarding Roman legion.

In the area there are some interesting architectural sites, Thracian and Roman settlements of antiquity.

The area boasts with beautiful scenery and fresh air. Suitable for eco, wine, historical and cultural tourism, excellent conditions for fishing and hunting - near the village crosses the river Tunja, and between the villages of Roza and General Inzovo there is a dam. The surrounding land is rich in game.

In recent years, near the village are held off-road racings.

The village is named in tribute and respect to the personality and work of one of the most important figures in Bulgaria - Hristo Botev. The fair of the village is on 2nd of June - the day the revolutionary.


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