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village of Borilovets

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Borilovets is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, a part of Boynitsa municipality, Vidin District.

It is located near the Bulgarian-Serbian border, about 10 km northwest of the village Boynitsa, 37 km west from the city of Vidin and about 230 km northwest of Sofia.

The terrain is hilly, the average altitude is 87 meters. The climate is characterized by relatively cold winters and hot summers.

The village has electricity and water. The majority of the streets are paved. There is partially constructed and operating street lights, mobile coverage and bus service to Vidin and the surrounding villages.

The population of Borovets is about 200 people.

The village has a town hall, a church, a community center and a shop. In the neighboring village Boynitsa are the nearest primary school, kindergarten, general practitioner and dentist. Special assistance can be obtained at the medical centers of Vidin.

Landmarks and tourism

The River Boynishka runs along the village and is good for fishing.

Near Borilovets, about 16 km north-east are the ruins of Albotin rock monastery which was active during the 13-14 century, and in 1927 was declared a cultural monument.

In the area one may also visit:

  • The remains of the Roman fortress Petsino Kale, the church Holy Trinity and the monument of Puyo voyvoda /leader/ in the village Boynitsa;
  • The remains of Castra Martis fortress, located in the center of Kula town /about 20 km south/. Nearby is the lake Kula, good for fishing and water sports.
  • The Fortress Baba Vida, The Turkish konak /police office/ Koluka, turned into a museum, the library and mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu and many other cultural and architectural monuments, which Vidin is famous for.

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