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village of Borika

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Borika is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia District.

In Bulgaria there is one more settlement with the same name Borika it is in Madan municipality, Smolyan region.

It is about 18 km northwest of Ihtiman, 60 km southeast of Sofia, 53 km northeast of the resort Borovets, 115 km northwest of Plovdiv.

The population numbers about 81 people.

Located between the hills of Ihtiman share Average forest at an altitude of 900 m.
Climatically, the area falls within the moderate - continental climate area. It is characterized by relatively warm summers and cool winters.

The village is well laid out and with maintained infrastructure. There are water supply, electricity and communication networks, no sewerage. There are town hall, stores.
Nearest schools and health facilities are in the municipal center - Ihtiman.
2 km to the railway stations Verinsko. Next is the Trakia Highway.

In the region there is increased demand for property. Because of the favorable microclimate, good infrastructure (paved roads, working street lighting) and the proximity of dams around the village. An important prerequisite is the lowest crime in the village.

TOURISM and landmarks

Borika is extremely beautiful and picturesque village, perfect for relaxation. Fresh air, green pines and maintained dams attract many people wishing to purchase property.

Interesting to visit are:

  • Chapel St. Petka, which built on the site of the old chapel. In particular paintings is that Jesus Christ is depicted as a child and no crucifixes.
  • Borika dam, located in the village.
  • 6 km from the dam Bozalan (Bakardere), where you can fish.
  • 5km from Iskar dam on forest trails - the biggest dam in Bulgaria on its water volume. He is a favorite destination for fishing. Its proximity to the city attracts many keen fishermen from the town and surrounding area. There is the possibility of accommodation in cottages, tents or caravans. Gradually develop new attractions, which attract not only lovers of fishing. There is an opportunity for short hikes in the area, walk with horses in the field and using a pedal boat, speedboat, motorboat or kayak.
  • Bordered by the Iskar hunting reserve - it is one of the best hunting in Bulgaria is situated on 30 000 ha area. The reserve has a museum and trophies, and house hunting. The distance of the transition is 28 km.
  • Numerous trails and roads suitable for mountain bikes and motocross
  • Nearby is Ihtiman, where they can visit cultural and historical monuments, the Church of the Assumption, the Historical Museum - Ihtiman Trayanovi vrata, and aristocratic sports lovers can visit the Golf Club Air Sofia, where there golf course, pool, tennis court.

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