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the village of Bolyartsi

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Bolyartsi is a village in South Bulgaria, part of Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv region.
It is the largest settlement is Sadovo municipality.

There are other two villages in Bulgaria with the same name. They are located in Avren municipality, Varna region and Kardzhali municipality, Kardzhali region.

The village is located 28 km southeast from the town of Plovdiv, 10 km northwest is the town of Sadovo, 10 km northeast from the town of Asenovgrad and around 29 km southwest from the town of Parvomay. 

The population is around 2700 inhabitants.

The terrain is plain and hilly with an average altitude of 170 m.
The climate in the region is transcontinental characterized by mild winter with average temperature of around -2ºС and hot dry summer with average temperature of around 28ºС.

The village is well developed with excellent infrastructure which includes electrification, water supply system, partial drainage, telephones, Internet and cable TV.

The European road E80 passes around 10 from the village and connects it with the towns Sadovo, Plovdiv and others. The closest railway station is located 10 km away in the village of Popovitsa.

There is a town hall, primary school, all-day kindergarten, community center, ethnographic museum and church.

Health service takes care for the population of Bolyartsi. A network of retail outlets and restaurants is developed.

The main livelihood of the inhabitants is agriculture as peanuts, corn, wheat and vegetables dominate. The population finds work in the towns of Sadovo, Plovdiv, Asenovgrad.


Tourist and cultural sights

Maritsa river passes 10 km away from the village which is an appropriate place for fishing, walking and relaxing in the beautiful scenery.

Asen's Fortress, the symbol of Asenovgrad, is located nearby. Part of the fortress walls and the church "St. Bogoroditsa Petrichka" which is a unique monument of the Old Bulgarian architecture still remain.

The Bachkovo Monastery located 20 km away is the second largest Bulgarian monastery. It is one of the 100th most preferred cultural-tourist destinations in Bulgaria due to its rich historical value. 



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