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the village of Bogomilovo

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Bogomilovo is a village in South Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora region.

Bogomilovo is located 3 km west from the town of Stara Zagora, around 107 km east from the town of Plovdiv and around 237 km southeast from the capital Sofia.
The village is situated at the major road Sofia - Burgas, and Trakiya Highway passes 15 km away from it.

The climate is humid continental. The average temperature in January is around -1ºС, and in July around 22ºС. Summer is hot and winter is moderately cold. Spring begins in the middle of March, and the hot and sunny autumn lasts till the middle of November.
The village is locked among the last hills of Sredna Gora mountain which contributes to the cool days during summer.

The village has fully developed electricity, water supply and sewerage systems. All mobile operators have coverage. Bogomilovo has Internet and cable TV. Bogomilovo has a town hall, church, post office, kindergarten, some grocery stores and restaurants, printing office, library, senior club, community center which has formed groups for authentic folklore and the traditional Bulgarian festivals "koleduvane" and "lazaruvane". The medical service is taken by one general practicing doctor and a dentist.
The village has regular bus transport - Bogomilovo is the last station of Stara Zagora public transport and in every 15 minutes route buses pass. The closest school is located in Stara Zagora.
Several private firms that operate in the territory of the village provide a lot of jobs for the locals.
A hotel and several villas offer accommodation for the visitors of the village and during summer guests can enjoy the services of a hotel complex with swimming pool located about 1 km from Bogomilovo.
In recent years Bogomilovo became a villa zone of Stara Zagora as real estate properties are bought by many foreigners.

Cultural and natural sights in the region.

It is considered that in these lands a village had existed even before Roman times. In two of the many tombs near the village well preserved pottery was discovered, and in one of its new quarters - even a golden chariot.
History lovers can visit the ancient Roman Forum "Augusta Trayana", the Neolithic dwellings - the oldest in our lands, the Regional History Museum, the Museum of Urban Life and a number of other cultural and architectural sights.



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