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village of Blagovo

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Blagovo is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Montana municipality, Montana district.

In Bulgaria there is another village with the same name - in Shumen municipality, Shumen region.

It is situated 8 km south of Montana, 17 km northeast of Berkovitsa, about 33 km northwest of Varshets and approximately 100 km north of Sofia.

The terrain is hilly and the average altitude - 257 meters. The climate is temperate, characterized by snowy winters and warm summers.

Blagovo has electricity and water, paved streets, coverage of all mobile operators and good transport links due to its location on the main road Montana - Berkovitsa. The railroad line Boychinovtsi - Berkovitsa passes through the village.

The population is about 500 people.
Blagovo has a town hall, a railway station, a kindergarten, a community center with a dance team, a football club and a shop. Residents travel to the district center, where the closest schools, banks, restaurants, clinics and hospitals are.


Landmarks and tourism

The village is located near Ogosta dam lake, offering excellent opportunities for fishing and water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking. Skiing is possible in the peak Kom.

In the area of ​​Montana visitors can see the Historical museum, the Art gallery "Kirill Petrov", the Architectural complex "Lapidarium" and the historical place "Kale bair".

About 30 km east of Blagovo is located the Lopushanski monastery "Sveti Joan Predtecha" with unique icons painted by painters from Samokov. Approximately at the same distance to the south is the Klisurski monastery "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii".

In Berkovitsa interesting for the tourists are the house-museum "Ivan Vazov", the situated nearby Architectural Museum of Culture and the Clock Tower, which is a remarkable monument, built in 1762.

The area is known for the two spa resorts - Varshets and Minkovi mineral baths in the village of Spanchevtsi, about 30 km south.

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