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village of Bistrilitsa

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Bistrilitsa is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, a part of Berkovitsa municipality, Montana region.

It is located in the Fore, about 21 km north of Berkovitsa, about 22 km southwest of Montana and approximately 102 km northwest of Sofia.

Foothill terrain, the average altitude reaches 283 m. Climate is temperate, characterized by snowy winters and hot summers.

The village is one of the largest in the area. It has electricity and water, partially paved and lighted streets. There is mobile coverage and bus service to the municipality center and the surrounding villages.

The population of Bistrilitsa is about 170 people.

The village has a Mayor's viceroyalty, a restored church, a rest home, an eco complex with lodging houses and shops. In the village of Borovtsi /10 km southeast/ is located the nearest kindergarten and the nearest school and GP are in Zamfirovo village /about 16 km in the same direction/. Since Bistrilitsa is approximately at the same distance from Berkovitsa and Montana, where there is specialized medical care, the residents may prefer schools and kindergartens located there.


Landmarks and tourism

The settlement dates back to the time of the Thracians, as evidenced by the Thracian mounds around and ceramics found. Later, during the Roman era it has grown to become a fortified Roman bastion. The evidence of this are the finds of Roman coins and objects in the settlement, a votive tablet of Artemis, and a golden statue of Zeus discovered in the peak of Yudeno.

The area around the village is very picturesque and offers excellent conditions for recreation. Eco Complex "Old Bistrilitsa houses" including five restored houses in traditional style offer accommodation and entertainment for guests.

Nearby flow the rivers Zlatitsa, Ogosta and Barzia, and in Babino pole locality is the tree Leten dub /Summer oak/, about 300 years old, with 24 m height and 3.2 m circumference. In the same area there is another old tree - Oak /Cerris/ at about 350 years, 22 m high and width of the trunk of about 4.2 m.

Northwest of Bistrilitsa /about 12 km/ is located the Lopushan monastery, which buildings are renovated and the park is well maintained. It is impressing with the beautiful architecture and is the perfect place for relaxation.

At about 3 km from the village is one of the largest dams in Bulgaria Ogosta dam lake. There are rowing boats and swimming pool with a disco. It can be reached along an old Roman road. The small dams Balova shuma and Gaganitsa are approximately at the same distance. They are suitable for fishing (pike, perch, carp, bleak) and outdoor recreation.

In Berkovitsa guests can explore the house-museum "Ivan Vazov", the situated nearby Architectural Museum of Culture and the Clock Tower, which is a remarkable monument, built in 1762.

At about 37 km southeast of Bistrilitsa is Varshets - popular spa resort with mineral water that treats diseases of the heart, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. The nature is stunning.

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