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village of Benkovski

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Benkovski is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Mirkovo municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there are another five settlements that carry the same name - in Avren municipality, Varna region, in Dobrich municipality, Dobrich region, in Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali region, in Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv region and in Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora region. Also in the capital Sofia there is quarter named Benkovski.

It is 6 km south of the village of Mirkovo and 19 km southeast of the village of Dolno kamartsi. The neighboring villages of Chavdar and Smolsko are 11 km northeast and 9 km west. The capital Sofia is 66 km in the same direction.

It is situated in a hollow at the foot of Lokmata peak in Sredna gora mountain and its altitude is about 704 m. The climate is temperate as the summers are not hot and the winter is mild with little of snow precipitation. Rarely there are fogs. This climate is favorable for the growing of roses, wine yards, potatoes as well as it helps the herbs.

The permanent population is about 137 people.

Less than a kilometer away is the Podbalkan road - important artery that connects Sofia with the town of Burgas. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. The infrastructure is maintained there are water and electricity systems, the main streets are asphalted and with lighting. The mobile operators have coverage.

Here are functioning town hall, store and restaurant. Schools and kindergartens there are in the town of Mirkovo. In the neighboring village of Smolsko are working GP and dentist, medical center you will find in the town of Zlatitsa (15 km northeast). Hospitals there are in the capital.

The village is named Benkovski after the Liberty in 1897 and now the locals call Benkovo. At the center there is monument of the fallen in the wars.

The Orthodox church in the village "Rozhdestvo na Presveta Bogoroditsa" was finished in 2002. To it there is chapel and additional buildings that together form the complex "St. Duh".

In the area could be seen remains of old fortresses - in the area live people for about six thousand years. In proximity was the road that connected Ulpiya Serdika and Ulpiya Trayana and near it there where three Roman fortresses part of the system of the Trayanovi vrata passage.

The area is rich in pray and in the village there is hunting party, and also fish pond in the village Smolsko.

Because of the good infrastructure, supported communications and easy and quick access to the capital the village of Benkovski is a preferred place for living or for vacation.


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