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village of Belitsa

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Belitsa is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia region.

There are five other settlements with the same name - the town of Belitsa, Blagoevgrad region, and the villages of Belitsa in Gabrovo region, Silistra region, Plovdiv region and Haskovo region.

The village is situated 14 km northeast of the town of Ihtiman and about 49 km southeast of the capital Sofia.

In proximity passes high way Trakiya that connects Sofia with the town of Burgas.

Belitsa is situated in mountain region and its altitude is 850 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by long and cold winter, while the summer is cool and short.

The permanent population is about 213 people.

The village is considerably well maintained as the streets are asphalted and all mobile operators have coverage. The nearest schools, kindergartens and medical centers are in the municipality - the town of Ihtiman.

In the village of Belitsa was formed when the villages Sredishtna, Suevtsi and Grozdyovtsi were conjunct.

Tourism and landmarks

In the village of Belitsa there is monument of the popular Bulgarian anarchist Vasil Ikonomov. Every year about 20 of June his followers from all over the country come to honor him.

Iskar dam is used for water supply of Sofia and is not far from the village. It is very good destination for walking, relaxation, fishing and water sports.

In the municipality Ihtiman could be visited the church "Uspenie Bogorodichno", Kardzhaliiskiya duvar, Trayanovi vrata, Historical musuem - Ihtiman, The town gallery and Golf Club ER Sofia.

The village is situated in proximity to the capital Sofia where the people that like history and architecture can enjoy the many landmarks and sights like Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the church "St Sofia" that dates back to IV-VI c. b.C., the church St Nedelya, the Boyana church "St St Nikola and Pantaleymon", Sofia University "St Kliment Ohridski" found in 1888, the National theater "Ivan Vazov" etc.

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