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Beli Iskar village

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Beli Iskar is village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Samokov Municipality, Sofia District.

It is 72 km south of Sofia, 7 km south of Samokov and 10 km northwest of Borovets.

The population is around 629 people.


Beli Iskar village is situated at the foot of Musala peak. It is situated along one of the tributaries of the Iskar River, namely, Beli Iskar, where its name originates.
The terrain is mountainous, with an average altitude of 1200 m. The prevailing gentle slopes, rounded ridges and peaks. This part of the territory except for recreation and tourism is suitable for the development of free-range farming.
Characteristic of climate in the municipality are warm summers and cold winters.
The area is very rich in water.
A major resource is the Iskar River, in the beginning of which there are two main branches - Cherni and Beli Iskar numerous smaller flowing rivers and streams and its tributaries - Palakaria and Shipochanitsa.
Lakes, more than 40 in number, are scattered in the high parts of Rila. Better known are Marichini, Musala, Maliovitsa Urdina and lakes.
In the valley of the Beli Iskar River has built the largest dam in Rila Beli Iskar, which supplies water to Sofia. Dam is used for electricity generation.


The village is laid out with well developed and continuously renewing infrastructure.
There are primary school, nursery school Hristo Botev, community center Stoyne Angelov, library, church, several small shops located around the center.
Regular bus lines connect it with the community center. Another advantage is the quick access and the proximity to the capital and Sofia International Airport.


The population is mainly employed in the service sector. The village is part of a new project Samokov-Borovets-Beli Iskar, which aims to develop the region as a winter tourist center. There is Local tourist association Beli Iskar. Key objectives are to support and assistance for sustainable tourism development in the area of Beli Iskar and promote the region as a tourist and resort center. Among this exceptionally beautiful countryside and many hotels are built nd villas that work year - round.
Manufacturing is another sector of the economy, providing livelihood for the population in the municipality of Samokov. Dominant importance are the production of textiles, machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco.


Beli Iskar attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery and atmosphere throughout the year. Part of the resort-tourism location Samokov - Borovets - Beli Iskar. Provide excellent conditions for winter and extreme sports, and recreational fishing along the Beli Iskar and hatcheries over Samokov, horseback riding in Borovets and Beli Iskar. Water sports - good opportunities for summer offers beaches along the river Beli Iskar, Park Lago and above the village of Beli Iskar.
1 km above the village begins the Central Rila Reserve. It is the largest in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe. It was created in order to conserve forest, subalpine ecosystems, forming a unique natural complex. The area of the reserve is 12 393.7 ha and covers considerable territory around Beli Iskar and Musala.
In the village are preserved historic fountains and wells as Voinishko cheshme, Kadan kladenets and Belyov kladenets.
Here is the historical place Demir kapia where are the biggest battles during the liberation from Ottoman rule.
In Beli Izvor are held interesting cultural events such as the unique celebration of Rila Zelnik. Organized by the local tourist association in late June. Naturally, the biggest event then race to prepare the most delicious Zelnik. For guests of the village then organize special events such as performances of folk songs and dances, tasting of local specialties, the presentation of local customs and traditions and demonstrate crafts typical for the region.
A tradition each year in late August is the held here national rock festival Rock in Rila.

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