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Village of Bazovets

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Bazovets is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Dve mogili Municipality, Ruse Region.

There is another village in Bulgaria with the same name, in Valchedram Municipality, Montana Region.

It is 47 km south-west from the centre of Ruse, 12 km south from town of Dve mogili, 197 km north-west from town of Varna, 14 km east from town of Borovo and 273 km north-east from city of Sofia.

Regular bus transportation to Ruse and Dve mogili.

Bazovets is set in a forest area, in the eastern part of the Danube plain, at 146 m above the sea level. The relief characterizes with massif forests and rich water sources. Baniski lom River passes 2 km away. The climate is humid continental. Dry, hot summers and cold winters.

The population is approximately 980 people.

Bazovets is well-developed village, provided with electricity, water and communication equipment. There is a town-hall, a community centre with a library, an orthodox church, a mosque, health services and various commercial areas. The nearest operational school and kindergarten are in the neighbouring village of Baniska (7 km).

The main means of living is agriculture and stock-breeding. The production consumer co-operation takes care of them.

Landmarks and tourism

There is a monument in honour of the soldiers who died in the Balkan war, and next to the community centre are the relics of Russian soldiers who died in the Russian-Turkish liberation war. The local community centre is with rich library, singing and dancing groups. Place of interest is the Orthodox Church 'St Dimitar', built in 1928.

Baniska is the biggest dam in Ruse Region. The dam is preferred place for recreation. You can fish carp, European chub, carassius, sheat-fish, etc.

Interesting tourist site is Orlova chuka cave, which is about 14 km away. You can find accommodation in the rest-house next to the cave. The conditions are excellent for barbecue, archery, horse-riding, etc.

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