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village of Baikal

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Baikal is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in Dolna Mitropoliya municipality, Pleven region

It is 37 km north of the town of Dolna Mitropoliya, 25 km northwest of the town of Gulyantsi and 48 km in the same direction from the town of Pleven. The neighboring village of Gigen is 5 km east and the village of Krushovene is 8 km south. The capital Sofia is 182 km southwest. 

It is situated on the bank of Danube river in proximity to place where Iskar river flows into it. The altitude is 33 m. The climate is temperate and characterized by cold winter and hot summer, the amount of precipitation is little. 

Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. The village is one of the big in the municipality and is well maintained. It is with asphalted streets and lightning. There are constructed water and electricity systems. Mobile operators have coverage. There is constructed small port

The permanent population is about 543 people. 

In the village are functioning town hall, community center with group for authentic folklore "Kalushari", church, kindergarten, stores and restaurants. The nearest GPs work in the village of Gigen and in the town of Gulyantsi you can get specialized medical assistance. In the Krushovene there is school. 
In the village of Baikal works Municipality Center for after Class activities and classes for interests - art, astronomy, ecology, ornithology and sport. 


Tourism and landmarks

There are great conditions for different types of tourism - cultural, ornithological, eco tourism, hunting and fishing as well as regattas, bike riding marches. For this helps the proximity to Danube river, the beautiful nature and animals species as well as the beach line, the small port for fishing boats and the Boril and Orlya islands with their picturesque plant species and environment. In the area of the village there is hunting ground. The people that enjoy spending time in the nature should visit the protected area where grows Radix Liquiritiae, the Bozhevski bair where there are beautiful panoramic views, the bay in the area Lipiya and the mouth of Iskar river where live Dalmatian pelican, great and small cormorant, egret, Ferruginous duck, seaeagles, wild geese, ducks, plovers, etc.
Amenity for the tourist are the constructed 20 bungalows in proximity to the beach as well as restaurant. 

There are found artifacts from the II-III century - pottery with human image, stone sarcophagus and bronze sword that date back to the late bronze age, remains of Roman settlements, every day objects and cult such. 

The church "St Martyr George" in the village is 1874 and is one of the oldest in the municipality. 

Septemvriitsi monument is located near the port and consists of three obelisks made of white stone from Vratsa with height 12, 13 and 14 meters and is with constructed in honor of the fallen in Danube river participants in the September Rebellion. 

Another cultural and archaeological heritage is the archaeological reserve "Oescus" which is declared cultural monument with national significance. It consists of remains from Roman and Byzantium cities and is situated 3 km from the village of Baikal. 

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