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Batovo village

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Batovo is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Dobrichka municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 14 km away from the sea and Albena resort, 37 km away from Varna, 24 km away from Dobrich, 25 km away from Balchik.

general information

The population numbers to 680 people. Altitude - 106 m. The relief is various with many heights and dips. Many caves are to be found in the area, as well. Most famous of them are KANARATA and DVUHODITZA.


The village benefits from its well-organized infrastucture, there are: a school, a community center with a library, a kindergarten, 4 restaurants and 4 grocery shops. The roads are in a good condition, public transportation is available on a regular basis to the town of Dobrich and the nearby villages.


nature and tourism

The nature is preserved ecologically clean and is very beautiful.
Batova River, passing near the village is the local landmark. The river and the territories surrounding it are announced to be a protected area. The total lenght of Batova River is 39 km and it flows into the Black Sea. Batovo lies in the so called Batova valley, near Batova reserve where hunting tourism is being developed.
The unique location of the village attracts both Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The rural tourism is successfully being developed in the village as the tourists are being entertained with safari rides, picnics, hikes and many other unforgettable experiences


  • Located just 5 km away from Batovo is "Chiflika Chukurovo" ethnographic complex. Inside the complex one could experience the charm of the past by attending an old-time Bulgarian wedding. The guests of the complex are being met by their hosts at the fulling-mill in Batovo where they can see how the prototype of the nowadays washing machine used to function. They can observe part of the process of washing and drying of hand-made carpets and fleecy rugs. Afterwards the guest are invited to visit  the distiller where they can see how home-made randy is being distilled.
  • Some 3 km away from Batovo is "Chashkata" /meaning "the cup" in Bulgarian /spring. It is a mineral spring famous for its crystal clear, curable water and is also known as the "Wish Spring". The locals believe that a sip of the spring's water makes you healthy, and a thread thrown in the spring brings luck and fulfils dearest wishes.

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